Dave Becker, Certified Financial PlannerĀ®


Keystone Wealth Management is a full-service, independent, financial advisory firm committed to helping clients pursue their financial goals. I offer a wide-range of financial products and services to individuals, business owners and their corporations.


By being independent, I am not constraned in my ability to advise clients by sales quotas, certain conflicts of interest including a requirement to offer proprietary products that offer higher compensation, restrictrions by a broker dealer on which technology solutions I can utilize or the servicing restrictions associated with my broker-dealer assuming ownership of my client accounts.  This freedom allows me open access to choose what I beleive to be the very best solutions to help my clients achieve their goals and objectives in the most-effective way possible.  






Important information describing Keystone Wealth Management’s business operations, services, and fees can be viewed on the SEC’s website at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov. Keystone Wealth Management’s provide its Form ADV disclosure brochure, which serves as the firm’s disclosure document, to all clients.  Copies are also available to interested parties upon request.

For detailed information about Keystone Wealth Management’s investment adviser representatives who may serve retail clients, you may also visit www.adviserinfo.sec.gov and view background information about such investment adviser representatives.

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