After graduating from Illinois State University in 1998, Dave immediately started helping clients plan for the future as a Financial Advisor.  During that time, he experienced the bursting of the dot com bubble; the subsequent correction from 2000-2002; the longest war in our nation’s history; the attacks of September 11th; the corporate scandals of Enron and Worldcom; a disputed Presidential election; interest rates going up, down and staying at unprecedented levels for an extended period of time; the downturn of 2008; the Bernie Madoff and Russ Wasendorf scandals, the housing crisis, the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the first-ever downgrade of our nations credit rating.  Needless to say, while heI'll never claim to have experienced every potential circumstance, it is safe to say that he has been tasked with guiding clients through some of the most dynamic and uncharted situations for any investor.

From a professional standpoint, Dave earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation in 2003 and his Chartered Financial Consultant designation in 2005.  Dave believes in clear and concise recommendations that are designed to directly address your needs and objectives. As such, he does not believe in the use of fancy presentations that are meant to dazzle the eyes while glossing-over the mechanics of how a particular product meets your needs.  In the end, he want clients to fully-understand and be completely comfortable with the recommendations and advice given to them before implementing any plan.

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