I have never considered myself to be a salesperson. As such, I do not believe in, nor do I present solutions to clients that have fancy titles or technical terms but lack the substance to directly address their financial needs.  Even this website reflects this philosophy - a focus on useful and tangible content and not on fluff. I also believe in simple, straightforward answers to client questions. This industry is confusing enough. Clients shouldn't have to wade through a bunch of industry jargon or double-speak from their advisor to get to the crux of the information being given to them. My approach to every investment account is to construct the allocation based on the long-term goals of the client, all while managing the tax-implications and maximizing returns to their most efficient risk-adjusted level.  Straightforward, simple and highly-effective.  

Risk is another area that I focus a lot of my attention on. There are many different types of risk and at least one form of it is present in any investment account, regardless of the holdings. However, I also believe in making "small" mistakes instead of "large" mistakes. I'd rather miss out on a small amount of additional return instead of stretching a client's risk-tolerance to a level that is outside of their long-term goals and taking the chance of losing a large amount of money, potentially putting their long-term goals at risk. I believe in taking calculated risks, but I do not believe in chasing trends or fads that do not fit in with my client's long-term goals.

Unnecessary complexity in an investment account will only add to the fear of the unknown. As a result, the majority of my client's accounts hold only what I consider to be the most-appropriate solution to a need instead of also including second and third-tier options. While other advisors may employ this tactic to make it appear that a client is well diversified, I believe this only gives a false sense of security. My solutions focus on true balance within an account instead of holding several investment options that merely reflect one another. I also believe in employing investment solutions without any more complexity than is necessary. If given the option between two investment options, I will always choose the one that is more straight forward than the one that has unnecessary moving parts for the situation we are trying to solve.

I firmly believe in the advisor relationship. First, that means advisors are just that - someone who provides advice.  Because of that, I will never tell a client what to do. Rather, I will take the time to listen to their needs, wants and objectives and utilize that information to make suitable recommendations. However, the end decision is the clients because I'm managing their money. I strive to provide them with the information they need and answers to all their questions so they are able to make an educated decision.

Second, I am primarily a fee-based advisor. That means that instead of paying a large up-front fee to utilize my services with the hope that they work well for you, clients usually pay me a percentage of their account value on an ongoing basis. This allows me the freedom to make recommendations that I believe are going to best benefit you and help you meet your objectives in the best possible way. I am directly incentivized to have your account meet or exceed your objectives, putting me on the "same side of the table" with you instead of having my personal financial situation at odds with yours.

Finally, advice is something that is needed throughout a relationship, not just at the beginning. As such, I pride myself in proactive contact with clients at an interval and in a manner (in person or on the phone) that each individual client desires. If I am not helping clients reach their goals and guiding them along the way in the way they prefer, then I should not be their advisor, plain and simple.    


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