Dave strongly believes in the value of the client-advisor relationship. First, he takes the time to listen to the wants, needs and questions of each client in order to offer sound advice and suitable recommendations. Dave must consider a number of factors as he constructs a client portfolio, including the client’s long-term goals, tax implications and the amount of risk that the client is comfortable in taking. There are several different types of risk and at least one form of risk is present in every investment account. Dave believes in taking calculated risks but does not believe in chasing trends that do not fit with a client’s long-term goals. Dave strives to be straightforward, simple and highly effective in his solutions for each client. He has never considered himself to be a salesman, therefore he will not make presentations that have fancy titles or technical industry jargon but lack the substance to address the needs of the client. He wants every client to feel comfortable making informed decisions, as ultimately every decision rests with the client. Finally, ongoing communication is a critical factor in the client-advisor relationship. Dave prides himself in proactive and regular communication with every client at the interval and through the communication method of their choosing. He simply believes that if he is not helping clients reach their goals and guiding them along the way, he should not be their advisor.


Dave is primarily a fee-based advisor. This means that instead of paying large up-front fees to utilize his services in the hopes that they are effective, clients typically pay a percentage of their account value on an ongoing basis. This directly incentivizes Dave to help each client meet or exceed their financial objectives and avoids potential conflicts of interest between his compensation and the best interests of the client.


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