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Dave Becker, ChFC® |

Research shows that a good relationship with your financial advisor has a greater impact on staying with them than how well your investments are performing. The foundation of that relationship is trust.

At Keystone Wealth Management, we constantly strive to gain and maintain our clients’ trust. That’s why I recently conducted an anonymous client survey. I made the responses anonymous so clients were free to respond as transparently as possible. I was happy to see that clients rated integrity and truthfulness as my top attributes. In fact, on a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 representing the lowest score for integrity and truthfulness and 100 representing the highest, my clients gave me an average score of 97.46!

Some of the comments included in the survey: “I have always trusted Dave’s advice and knowledge,” “He’s very interested, responsive, trustworthy,” and “He is on top of it and always looking out for me.”

While I’m very grateful for these positive remarks, research shows that trust goes both ways. As a client, the relationship we build allows me to learn more about you, your goals, and your dreams, which in turn helps me provide guidance that aligns with your values and aspirations.

Let’s take a look at other questions in the survey:

What the Survey Shows

Right behind trustworthiness, clients gave both myself and Sharyl Weich, my assistant, high scores for professionalism. Sharyl’s average score was 94.71 and mine was 97.41 (again, using a scale of 1 (lowest) to 100 (highest)).

Sharyl’s Survey Results

Sharyl has also made a good impression on many clients beyond her helpfulness and professionalism. Here are the rest of her results:

  • Friendliness: 94.75
  • Responsiveness to Questions: 95.25
  • Knowledge of Service Issues: 92.33

Dave’s Survey Results

Here are some additional results for Dave:

  • Responsiveness to Client Questions: 92.78
  • Investment Knowledge: 94.35
  • Investment Monitoring: 94.48
  • Communication/Proactive Outreach: 91.29
  • Overall Level of Service: 94.66

These are humbling numbers, and I will continue striving to raise those scores even higher!

Surveys Help Us Continually Improve

With this survey in mind, Keystone Wealth Management will continue to learn from client comments and inch closer to a score of 100 in all categories. We aim to provide the best comprehensive financial planning, income planning, education planning, and retirement planning. We also help with 401(k) rollovers, Social Security analysis, and Roth IRA conversion analysis, to name a few. 

Our goal is not merely to have high scores to boast about but to offer services and guidance that allow our clients to reach their financial goals and live life to the fullest.

We thank our clients for recognizing our efforts, and we promise to use this feedback to grow and excel as we move forward.

Keep Providing Your Feedback

This particular survey may have concluded, but I always welcome your thoughts about Keystone Wealth Management and how well we’re meeting your needs. To schedule a no-obligation meeting, please get in touch by emailing or calling (319) 883-3096. I look forward to hearing from you!

About Dave

Dave Becker is owner, financial advisor, and Chartered Financial Consultant® at Keystone Wealth Management, a full-service financial advisory firm based in Waterloo, Iowa. The firm offers a wide range of financial products and services to individuals, business owners, and corporations to help them pursue their financial goals. As a fiduciary, Dave always places his client’s interests above all else. He enjoys simplifying the complex and helping clients move toward their goals and ultimately financial freedom.

Dave provides clear and concise communication, something his clients highly value. 

After graduating from Illinois State University in 1998, he immediately started helping others with their financial planning. In 2003, he earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation (which he voluntarily resigned in February of 2023) and the Chartered Financial Consultant® designation in 2005. Over the span of his career, Dave has guided his clients through some of the most dynamic and uncharted situations for investors, including the burst of the bubble and the subsequent correction from 2000-2002, the 2008 financial crisis, a global pandemic and interest rates at 41-year highs.

Dave, his wife, Staci, and their four children (Christian, Anna, Carson, and Jonah) reside in Cedar Falls, Iowa. In addition to his work responsibilities, Dave has also volunteered at school, coached soccer and robotics, served as a trustee at church, led a Cub Scout pack, and cheered his kids on in everything they do. He has always said that he makes his best investments at home. In his limited spare time, he also enjoys watching college football and Formula 1 racing. To learn more about Dave, connect with him on LinkedIn.