Every client's situation is different and therefore requires customized solutions.  I start every client relationship listening to your needs, questions and objectives.  If I haven't taken the time to listen to what you want to achieve, it is impossible for me to help you.  In several instances, I listen more for "how" you say something than what you actually say. This gives me an insight into your true objectives, concerns and the prioritization of your goals.  


Only after I have a firm grasp of what you want to accomplish, your timeframe and how you want me to provide advise, can I help you execute a sound financial program utilizing the following products and services:


  • Establishing measureable goals
  • Tracking financial progress against those goals
  • Determining risk-tolerance
  • Management of investment accounts including current 401(k)s
  • Navigation of changes in your situation, the financial markets or the economy
  • Strategies for sustainable retirement income utilizing Monte Carlo simulations*
  • Coordination of taxable income
  • Estate and account preservation through insurance and annuity products


*For an interactive example of a retirement calculation and to read more about Monte Carlo Simulations, click on "Featured Links" under the "About Us" tab on the homepage.